welcome to bits and bytes, my journal devoted to thoughts on digital strategy, web and mobile experience design, social media, and anything else that strikes a chord. this is blog 2.0 for me, as i’ve had a personal blog since 2001; i recently decided to separate the personal from the professional, so you’ll only see the latter here.

i’ve been mucking around in the online world professionally for about 10 years now, after leaving behind my previous life as a mad scientist. i’m currently a director of strategy at Sequence in San Francisco, and have previously enjoyed working at MetaDesign, Sapient, and Studio Archetype. over the years, i’ve dabbled in web technology, user experience design, information architecture and digital business strategy. i’m a generalist who loves solving problems, learning, and striving to create value in the world.

anyway, hope what you read here fires a few neurons. share your thoughts; i’d love to hear them to help mine fire in new directions!




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