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robbery and the Net as amplifier

i’ve been following a thread about a fairly well-known blogger who was recently robbed. she has been chronicling some of her feelings (see why my robbery matters), and also pursuing the perpetrators, online.

it makes me wonder about a few things, and reminds me of when i got robbed…

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ready, fire, aim in social networks

with more social networking tools than you can shake a mouse at (see Judith Meskill’s list for proof), there are bound to be some real losers. so far, i’m not sure if there are any winners, but that remains to be seen…the night it still young.

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anti-social software … buy now!

ok…this cartoon is really, really funny (if you’re a geek or someone who’s a little fed up with all that email from friendster or orkut or YASNS).

Orkut’s velvet rope

social networking is all the rage, or at least it seems to be. i keep hearing about it everywhere i turn (NPR, friends, blogs, san francisco magazine, the checker at the grocery store). i have my doubts about most of these players, but there is a recent entrant that pushes a different set of buttons: orkut

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link reciprocity

hyperlinks are becoming a currency in the digital age, but one limited to those with the power to create and destroy them.

i went to a friend’s web site recently (URL withheld to protect the "innocent"), and noticed that the link to my home page had dropped off his blogroll. what??? dropped me from the secondary navigation? had i slighted this friend in some unbeknownst way? was some kind of digital payback going on? granted, it was kind of petty of me to care in the first place, but hey, links matter if you want people to read your site. and why would i write on the web if i didn’t also hope that people would read?

it then occurred to me that links have become a form of currency. i’m probably not the first to say this. in fact, i’m probably about the 10,000th. but links matter to people.

link reciprocity is a term i’ll use to describe the you-link-to-me-i’ll-link-to-you phenomenon. i’m sure someone else has thought of that one too [pause—google search—ok, yeah, here is another blog about the exact same damn thing].

that guy i just linked already thought about it and wrote a lot on this topic. i’m not gonna write any more. you get the point. 😉

ps: do you think he’ll link to my site because i just cited him?

pps: he mentions in his intro that this phenomenon is not new. it has been happening in academia for years. of course, i should have realized this, since it used to happen to me all the time when i was in that world.



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